SFH Machete

Machete in-game picture.

Cost: {{{Cost}}}
Slot: Primary
Type: Melee
Soldier: Assassin
Extra effects: *Vision -20%
  • Increased critical chance
  • Increased critical damage
Damage: 90
Accuracy: {{{Accuracy}}}
Range: {{{Range}}}
Fire Rate: 4
Ammo: {{{Ammo}}}

The Machete is a Melee Weapon for the Assassin. It is unlocked at level 26.


The machete is the second last melee weapon you can get. It attacks slightly faster than the katana and deals good damage. It is very effective in level 13 of Challenges like all the other melee weapons. You can even beat the challenge 'Golf Season' if you're skillful enough.



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