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A Magnum being used by a Medic.

Magnums are weapons that are only available for the Medic class for the player. They have good range, damage and accuracy. They are similar to Sniper Rifles, but with less range, accuracy and damage. However, with better rate of fire and ammo.

List of MagnumsEdit



  • Deals good damage.
  • They have good accuracy; 60%-80%.


  • Less rounds than Assault rifles.
  • Assault Rifles typically reload faster and have a greater fire rate.


  • They all have 6x4 ammo.
  • They got replaced by dual revolvers in SFH2.
  • Magnums are not exclusively revolvers, just the majority are. An example of a non-revolving magnum is the Desert Eagle.
  • The Needler is not a weapon, let alone a magnum. The reason it is included in SFH is because the Medic class in TF2 also wields it as the Syringe Gun. Syringe Guns are medical tools.

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