Guerrilla Squad

Guerrilla Squad

The Military Police is a set of skins selectable by the player when at the Soldiers section. The Medic uniform consists of a GIGN-like helmet with a cyan visor, blue jacket and also blue pants. The Assassin uniform is a blue beret, blue mask, grey body armor and blue camouflage pants which consists of blue, light blue, white and grey. The Commando's uniform is an olive drab helmet, similar to that worn by GSG9 operatives. Then there's a dark-grey mask, grey body armor with blue pockets worn over a blue shirt and standard blue pants at the bottom. The last uniform is that of the Tank. It consists of an olive drab helmet, with the major color of the padding blue, then the rest black and grey.

Known Military Policemen


The two dead Commandos.

There is a Assassin-class MP named Jenkins, who first appears in the 3rd campaign level, and is infected in the 4th.

In the Hijack map, there are two dead Commandos in the cockpit.