SFH Mini Gun

Minigun in-game picture.

Cost: {{{Cost}}}
Slot: Primary
Type: Machine Gun
Soldier: Commando
Extra effects: None
Damage: 15
Accuracy: 10%
Range: 21 ft
Fire Rate: 15 rps
Ammo: 100x2
SFH2 Minigun

Minigun in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Machine Gun
Soldier: Mercenary
Extra effects: Full Auto
Damage: Medium-low
Accuracy: Medium Low
Range: Low
Fire Rate: Extreme
Ammo: 250

The Minigun or Mini Gun is a Machine Gun that appears in the first two games.


Strike Force Heroes Edit

The Minigun is the fifth and final machine gun to be unlocked by the Commando. At 15 rps, the Minigun is the fastest shooting gun in the game. However, like the SAW, First Blood, and other rate-of-fire-based machine guns, the Minigun sacrifices its accuracy and range for its high rate of fire.

Strike Force Heroes 2 Edit

The Minigun returns in SFH 2 available for the Mercenary. In the game, it upgrades every aspect of the previous counterpart, but is sometimes outclassed by other machine guns, except for the Fire rate, reaching between 11-13 rps.


SFH Edit

It's black with various linear frames that serves to wield the weapon. A white cylinder is seen below the weapon.

SFH2 Edit

The front of the Minigun's barrels are covered and features more frames. The white cylinder is connected to the weapon itself.


SFH Edit

The minigun can take down enemies in small maps but for big maps such as the Hijack, Foundry and Village, use a homing explosive like the Javelin or Stinger. It is also recommended to use a minigun in The Final Showdown, along with a Desert Eagle to match the Globex Leader's weapons.

As having all ammunition fed into the gun (which means Minigun doesn't need reloading), passive skill Ammo Feed isn't needed at all unless you want to burn enemies down.

If packed with passive skill Scavenger & kill streaks Bloodthirst, Minigun will make Mercenary considerably dominating as Minigun with extreme rate of fire will quickly kill an enemy (Scavenger will recover ammo while Bloodthirst will refill health bar after every kill done).




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