Mission 4

Map used: Temple.

Mode: Team Gun Game
Teams: 3 v 3
Score to win: 25
Random Quality Item (Normal)

Random Quality Item (Hard)

Random Quality Item (Insane)

Enemy level:
2 (Normal)

12 (Hard)

30 (Insane)

Overview Edit

Mission 4 is the first Gun Game mission you can play. With this, you are able to equip weapons that your class normally couldn't.

Tactics Edit

Although you won't have one if you play this mission for the first time, the best class to have for this mission is the Juggernaut. His high health makes him strong with no downsides; you don't have to stick to short range weapons.

Everyone starts the game with a Crossbow. Once you make a kill, everyone on your team has their weapon upped to the next one in line. You will regain a full clip but have infinite ammo. Same thing for your opposing team. This is the order in which you will use the weapons:

  1. Crossbow
  2. Desert Eagle
  3. MTAR
  4. P90
  5. AK12
  6. FAL OSW
  7. Sawned-Off
  8. Uzi
  9. FMG9
  10. HMG50
  11. L115
  12. MK14
  13. MTS 255
  14. DB12
  15. USAS12
  16. HMG50
  17. XMG
  18. Vulcan
  19. Panzer
  20. GLO6
  21. M202
  22. Freeze Ray
  23. Acid Hound
  24. Pulse Rifle
  25. DSR1
  26. Rail Gun

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