Needler 1

Needler in-game picture.

Cost: $50
Slot: Primary
Type: Magnum
Soldier: Medic
Extra effects: None
Damage: 30
Accuracy: 60%
Range: 35 ft
Fire Rate: 4 rps
Ammo: 6x4

The Needler is a Magnum for the Medic in Strike Force Heroes. It is unlocked at Level 2 and costs $50 to use.


The Needler is a magnum-type weapon used by the Medic that fires an orange beam from, of all things, a syringe. It has extremely high power and balanced stats. The bullet leaves an orange, beam-like trail upon leaving the barrel; it is unclear exactly what this is.

It is, however, useful for the user picks up ammo as much as possible since the weapon's clip size is small.

The Needler, although being the first Magnum unlocked, is still a very useful weapon, being able to kill a Level 20 Tank in one clip, which proves its strength.

It can later be replaced with the Dragon.


It's a grey pistol-shaped gun with a white and red cylinder and a black barrel. It is more like a tool rather than a magnum, but is still dangerous for anyone.



  • The gun shares its name with The Needler from the Halo series.
    • It's also a homage the Medic's Syringe gun from Team Fortress 2, since most weapons in the game are like other weapons of other games. The strange thing is that the Needler looks almost exactly like the Syringe Gun, however the Syringe Gun is fully automatic, and the bullets arc severely.
  • It leaves an orange trail upon leaving the barrel.