Ninja Nights

Map used: Street.

Mode: Team Deathmatch
Teams: 4 v 4
Score to win: 10
New Class (Normal)

Random Quality Weapon (Hard)

Unique Hero (Insane)

Enemy level:
7 (Normal)

17 (Hard)

32 (Insane)
"Enemies are invisible"

Ninja Nights is the third challenge mission of Strike Force Heroes 3. As the name suggests, your rivals will be unable to seen unless they are nearby or have recently taken damage.

When you complete the mission, you will be able to recruit the Ninja class. On Insane, you will unlock a unique Ninja who goes by Evelynn.

Tactics Edit

If you have played the Ninja Assault Challenge mission from Strike Force Heroes, this mission shouldn't feel any bit new. However, one main benefit is that you now have team mates to help you, and that you are not limited to the Assassin (class with low health and low RoF[1] weapons). The Engineer and Gunslinger classes should be able to equip automatic weapons by the time you unlock this challenge. You can use these automatic weapons to 'scan' the area by shooting a few bullets in your proximity and to reveal enemies as they briefly appear once being struck.

  1. Rate of Fire

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