Phantom in-game picture.

Cost: $4,400
Slot: Secondary
Type: SMG
Soldier: All
Extra effects: None
Damage: 13
Accuracy: 50%
Range: 26 ft
Fire Rate: 8 rps
Ammo: 32x4

The Phantom is an SMG unlocked at Rank 33 and costs $4,400 to use. It is a secondary weapon so it's available to all classes.


It may only have 50% accuracy, however it has the second fastest firing speed of any SMG and reloads quickly, so it is effective at medium range.



It is very good for fast shooting when with a slow firing gun, such as the .500, and does very good damage to the final boss.


The Phantom is an excellent weapon for the Assassin because the Assassin's primary weapons usually lack ammo and rate of fire, both of which the Phantom excels at.


SMG's in general aren't quite as good as pistols for Commandos due to machine guns exceling in rate of fire and ammo. So SMG's should be used with rocket launchers instead.


The Phantom fits the Tank well. Its rate of fire can help when a shotgun's rate of fire isn't good enough. With shields, the Phantom is excellent due to decent range and ammo. (But the accuracy is terrible when crouched with a shield, as one may expect)



  • This weapon is inspired by the Phantom in Goldeneye 007. However the Phantom in Goldeneye had 50 bullets.
  • This weapon is based on the real life Spectre M4. Spectre and Phantom are both synonyms for ghost.


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