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RCP 90 Game Stats
SFH RCP 90 In-Game Icon

The RCP 90 in-game icon.

The RCP 90 is an SMG available to all classes as a secondary weapon.


The RCP 90 and the AKS 74 have highest base damage of any SMG. However, the AKS still has a slightly better accuracy and range. Useful for blasting a path through enemy defenses in Capture the Flag and it is a good choice if you want a fast-firing secondary weapon.



As SMGs are balanced, the RCP 90 becomes more balanced when used by the medic.


Used by the Assassin, this weapon will cover the Assassin's lack of ammo well. The assassin's improved critical chance allows the RCP 90 to frequently deal increased damage. The assassin greater aim increases the accuracy as well.


Being similar to Machine Guns leads it to be a good backup weapon.


Due to the tank's low ammo, range and slow reload speed with shotguns, this can be used several times in dire situations while reloading your primary weapon. The RCP 90 can be used many times before having to reload.

Strike Force Heroes 2Edit

The RC-P90 returns as an SMG, called by it's real life name, the FN P90. It is a primary weapon for the Sniper. It retains it's large magazine count.

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