Reverse Perfection

Map used: Street.

Mode: Gun Game
Teams: Free for all
Score to win: 25
Random Quality Weapon (Normal)

Random Quality Weapon (Hard)

Unique Hero (Insane)

Enemy level:
5 (Normal)

15 (Hard)

30 (Insane)
The Reverse Perfection challenge mission is the second of its kind in Strike Force Heroes 3. Upon beating it on insane, you unlock a unique Gunslinger by the name of Calamity.

Tactics Edit

As the name suggests, this special match of the Gun Game starts out as everyone having more powerful weapons, and which each kill, their weapon goes down tiers. Starting with a near-instant death thrown projectile, to a simple knife that may take a few swings to kill. Fortunately, if you can get the head start in the beginning, you will be less pressured toward the end because of the AI's incapability with some weapons.

Gun Order Edit

The game's description is "Gun game, custom weapons".

  1. Multi-Shurikens[1]
  2. Golden Betsy[2]
  3. Bennet's Doom (M202)
  4. Bam Bam (GLO6)
  5. Raven (Vulcan)
  6. Chain SAW (SAW)
  7. Peacekeeper (FAL OSW)
  8. Future Solider (ARX 160)
  9. AWP (L115)
  10. Farsight (Lynx)
  11. Precision Shot (DSR1)
  12. Fortune's 500 (Rail Gun)
  13. Liquifier (Acid Hound)
  14. Sub Zero (Freeze Ray)
  15. Ice Chamber (TAC 12)
  16. Old Yeller (MTS 225)
  17. Hand Cannons (Sawn-Off)
  18. Executioner (Judge)
  19. RCP 90 (P90)
  20. Cleaner (UMP 45)
  21. Jericho (Desert Eagle)
  22. Bolt Sticker (Crossbow)
  23. Hattari Hanzo (Katana)
  24. Sick Stick (Stun Baton)
  25. First Blood (Knife)

Notes Edit

  1. Seems to be an upgraded version of the Ninja's killstreak
  2. An upgraded version of a Mercenary's killstreak, shoots two beams as once.

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