SAW in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Machine Gun
Soldier: Mercenary, Medic
Extra effects: Fastest Fire Rate
Impact: 7
Fire Rate: 29
Accuracy: 35
Ammo: 80x2

For the weapon in the original SFH with a similar name, see Saw.

The SAW introduces itself in the third game of the Strike Force Heroes series. While bearing a similar name, this weapon is not the Minimi design. When viewing the custom version, it's clear that it's built to be a chainsaw-like weapon.

Among the machine guns, the SAW is the fastest-firing. Lowest in accuracy and tied with the Vulcan for ammo capacity, this weapon is the epitome of spray-and-pray.

Named the Chain SAW, the custom version has the chance to ignite enemies. Probably linking to the fact of the barrel heating immensely during sustained fire.



Has an unknown chance to ignite the target

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