SMAWG in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Explosive
Soldier: Engineer, Mercenary
Extra effects: Highest Impact
Impact: 120
Fire Rate: 3
Accuracy: 70
Ammo: 1x10

The SMAWG is the beginning rocket launcher of the game, and is the default weapon of the Mercenary.

It's most comparable counterpart is the Panzer. This launcher has no homing abilities, but has the advantage in damage. While the rockets aren't particularly slow, it can hamper performance for an inexperienced player. Nevertheless, as the strongest combustible on offer, it can be extremely effective in the right hands.

The custom version, Dragon's Breath lives up to its name by igniting enemies it doesn't outright kill. It also has the curious effect of 'Body Pop', mimicking the Tin-man mod of previous games.

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