Phantom Tank 2

The Phantom being held by the Tank.

SMGs are a class of weapons in the Strike Force Heroes series. They are typically weapons with high ammo capacity and a moderate level of every other statistic.

Strike Force HeroesEdit

In their first game, their advantage is the large ammo and clip and their disadvantage is lower damage compared to most primaries (although better than some other secondaries). None of the SMGs are improved versions on another, so it is best to find one that works well with your strategy.

Strike Force Heroes 2Edit

SMGs return in Strike Force Heroes 2, as a primary weapon for the Sniper and Engineer classes. They retain their role as a medium range weapon with large clips and low damage. Their fire rate varies, as some are fully automatic, semi-automatic, or burst fire. They increase in similarity to assault rifles. New additions Bizon and updated Patriot offer a new SMG playstyle.

Strike Force Heroes 3 Edit

In Strike Force Heroes 3, all classes except the Sniper and Ninja can equip SMG's. They also have been reduced to Secondary weapon status, but with this, they have unlimited ammo (but still needs to reload).

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