SPAS 12 SFH2 Stats

The SPAS-12 as it will appear in SFH2.

SPAS 12 is a shotgun that appears in Strike Force Heroes 2. It is a pump action with great power, as seen by the picture to the right. It is(quite obviously) a primary. An interesting fact about this shotgun is that it could switch between a pump-action and a semi auto in real life. It is unknown why the Heroes choose to use it as a pump action; but it is perfectly understandable in terms of gameplay. A shotgun with this amount of power could easily make the game too easy, and be an absolutely over-powered mess with the General Class's full auto ability, which changes all magnums and semi autos into full autos, while increasing the fire rate at the same time. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Some will say that the Judgement is more powerful; however, the SPAS-12 is not encumbered by the rate of fire the Judgement has, considering the "I'll be back" pump action sequence(flipping the shotgun). While this makes the Judgement very fun to wield, it gives it a weakness, making the SPAS-12 a slightly better choice. Of course, everyone has their preferences, so one gun can not be said to be better than the other.

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