The Scientist is a playable character in Level 1 and an ally in Level 5. He is a Medic, possibly because medics and scientists both practice in some form of science (In SFH, rudimentary medicine and experimental neurotic biochemistry, respectively).

He initially seems to be working independent of Globex, but is revealed to be working for Globex in the end.

Involvement in the PlotEdit

He is part of a team of researchers working on a virus that attacks the brain of soldiers, making them mentally exhausted and, as a result, unwilling and/or unable to fight. This in itself is suspicious, but the Player doesn't realize this, opting instead to trust him as he was being attacked by the mysterious troopers he fought.

However, they created a deadly virus-like neurotoxin that shut down all non-essential functions in the brain except for the reptilian region. The result: a mindless weapon of destruction with infinite pain resistance and high aggression, the opposite of the intention of the toxin.

The toxin somehow escaped the facility, infecting some members of the Strike Force. Globex noticed this and sent in a strike team to kill the scientists who created this. They also intended to fire a nuke to destroy all potential hosts for the virus present on the island, rendering it extinct and therefore out of mind.

However, Globex ignored killing the scientist. He was a sleeper agent, every other scientist in the facility was considered a threat. Which is why he thanks the Globex Leader, in the ending.

In SFH2 the heroes get his help when trying to figure out about the Globex clones, he helps them if they kill the Globex soldiers that are there, (trying to cover up some sort of meeting?) he then tells them about the clones and how there is a way to cure them, he then directs them to another scientist, Iogi.

later after Dex betrays the heroes and kills Iogi and West, the player and the survivors of the team find him and they enter the facility, everyone but the player and the scientist is captured and the Globex leader arrives to kill both of you, he fails however and falls to his death.

in the ending cut-scene he takes off his glasses to reveal sinister red eyes. confirming his allegiance to Globex as hundreds of red eyes light up behind him.

In SFH3 the scientist has completely betrayed the team and become the leader of Globex, he has mind-controlled the team and brought Dex back to life, and the player is the only one left.


  • There was a hint about the Scientist knowing about Globex at the very beginning of the game, as he says: "They are here!", implying he knows who tried to kill him.
  • If you level up with the Scientist, the unlocks go to the Medic.
  • he always uses the basic weapons of the Medic, the M4 assault rifle and the USP pistol, no matter what level you are when playing him (level of the medic) or what weapons you equipped your medic with.
  • As the scientist speaks: "I`m very sorry for killing you" during a fight with Globex soldiers in the first campaign, we can infer that he might be some kind of member of Globex, not very wanting to kill them.

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