Shadow Blend

Shadow Blend in-game picture.

Cost: 475
Slot: Skill
Type: {{{Type}}}
Soldier: Assassin
Extra effects: +50% Crit Chance
Damage: None
Accuracy: None
Range: None
Fire Rate: None
Ammo: Infinite

By crouching and moving slowly, the Assassin is able to blend into the shadows, unable to be seen. (Attacking or being attacked will reveal you)- In-game Description

Shadow Blend is the third skill the Assassin can get in Strike Force Heroes.


It is unlocked when you reach Level 10 and costs $475 to use. It makes the Assassin invisible when he is crouching, but only after he has crouched for about 3 seconds. It also grants the Assassin a +50% Critical boost for melee weapons. However, If the Assassin attacks or is injured, he will be revealed. This is similar to the Cloak ability in Raze 2, except that the player is completely invisible, not merely see-through. No trace of the Assassin is left after he turns completely invisible.



- Just crouching without moving will still activate the cloaking ability.

- When the user is injured, you can spot him by his self-healing sign. (Tiny green crosses floating around the user)