Sheep Cannon
SFH2 Sheep Cannon

Sheep Cannon in-game picture.

Cost: Variable (Slot Machine)
Slot: Primary
Type: Special
Soldier: All
Extra effects: *Explosive, Strong Homing capability
Damage: High
Accuracy: Medium
Range: {{{Range}}}
Fire Rate: Slow
Ammo: 3x10

The Sheep Cannon is a novelty weapon that appears in Strike Force Heroes 2.


It looks like a rocket launcher, colored with green and a red text that says SHEEP, as well as pink flowers. In both sides exposes living sheeps, one ready to fire and three in a bucket as ammunition.

In a match, acts like homing missiles and stick to enemies and walls, fires 3 before reloading. It's powerful and long range, but lacks accuracy and fire rate. Firing sheeps causes an unique sound that resembles a sheep bleeting.


  • In fact, the Sheep Cannon is a mixture between the Javelin and the Thumper.
  • You have a chance of getting it by rolling 3 'poops' in the Slot machine.

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