Skills or Passive Skills are proficiencies that have a beneficial effect and must be bought from the Weapon Shop.

Description Edit

Each class has their own set of skills, which fits with their roles in the combat and can be used automatically during a match. Depending of the skill, this will affect directly to the user or to the weapon.

List of all skillsEdit

Strike Force Heroes Edit

Medic Edit

Assassin Edit

Commando Edit

Tank Edit

Strike Force Heroes 2 Edit

Engineer Edit

Mercenary Edit

General Edit

Sniper Edit

Juggernaut Edit

Strike Force Heroes 3 Edit

Each hero can only have one skill that is automatically equipped and randomly chosen once recruited.

Engineer Edit

  • Energized
  • Heavy Deployment

Gunslinger Edit

  • Inspire
  • Gun Play

Medic Edit

  • Healing Aura
  • Loving Spirit

Juggernaut Edit

  • Vital Bomb
  • Deflective Armor

Ninja Edit

  • Chameleon

Mercenary Edit

  • Explosive Temper

Sniper Edit

  • Aim Assist
  • Brain Magnet

Elite Edit

  • Energy Ammo
  • Liquid Coating

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