Barrett Medic 1

The Barret, a Sniper Rifle. Used by the medic due to party time mode.

Snipers are weapons for the Assassin/Sniper. They are very powerful, dealing massive damage. Some may lack power though, in return for accuracy, rate of fire, or ammo count.

Sniper rifles in Strike Force Heroes 2 are more balanced than in Strike Force Heroes 1. They, as well in damage, are efficient in many other traits, such as accuracy, range, etc.

In Strike Force Heroes 3 they seem to no longer have the highest kill rate when equipped with the AI.

List of Snipers in Strike Force Heroes 1Edit

Sniper Rifles have four different styles. The AWP and Crossbow have brute strength but low ammo. The Dragunov and Scout have moderately high damage, high accuracy and moderately large clip size and ammo. The Barrett has low damage, low accuracy, cannot deal extra damage to heads by default, but has a high rate if fire and large clip size. The Jackal has full accuracy, moderate clip size and high fire rate, but low damage.

List of Snipers in Strike Force Heroes 2Edit

List of Snipers in Strike Force Heroes 3 Edit