This is a strategy page.
This page contains strategies. And may be more strategic than factual.
This is some strategic loadout ideas for the Sniper. it is based largely on opinion, and these suggestions may or may not fit your play style or player level. Keep this in mind When reading or editing this article. Make a new loadout rather than changing an existing one.

Default loadout:

the weapons that are pre-bought when you start playing the game.

Primary: Dragunov -the level one Dragunov does not perform well. ROF is good, but due to the bad accuracy, power and ammo capacity, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

Secondary: Five Seven -A good pistol, but there are better options.

Strategy: Be very careful with ammo. The problem with the Drugunov is you run out of ammo fast, due to the need for multiple shots to get a kill. Whenever possible, you should use your sidearm, but even then, you still have to watch your ammo. One way to make the Sniper effective without spending a lot of money, is to buy a melee as a Secondary, preferably the Katana, as it will never run out of ammo.

Longe range:

This loadout is designed to kill enmies quickly from a very long range.

Primary: Intervention - Very high powered rifle. If you need crazy overkill, use the Intervention.

Secondary: Glock 18 - A good handgun, use it to finish off your enemies, and fight at close-quarters.

Skill: Overkill - No one will survive a direct hit.

Killstreak: Wall Hack - One cannot emphasise how awesome this is.

Strategy: The Intervention does not have a good ROF, but its accuracy, power, and range are unparalleled. Just be aware that when trying to shoot someone at long range, you have to be wary of attacks from behind because of the camera-drag.


Be sure to keep your peripherals in view!