The Soldiers menu allows selecting classes in Strike Force Heroes 2. It is accessible from the main menu and from missions selection. It allows customizing the soldiers (picking apparel, weapons, upgrades, etc.).

A row of 5 icons on the upper right corner of the screen allows selecting classes. Another row on the left allows selecting pages for customizing the selected classes.


There are 5 pages for each class.


Includes information about the soldier in the class (country, age, and play-style). Also includes stats about the soldier's health, critical chance, aiming accuracy, and ammo.


The Appearance allows changing the outfits of the soldier and it's camo. Suits and Helmets can be unlocked by reaching a higher levels. Only 5 types of camo are available by default, and new ones can be unlocked through the Slot Machine.

SFH2 Camo Army Drab SFH2 Camo Oceanic SFH2 Camo Urban SFH2 Camo Tundra SFH2 Camo Vitamin-C
SFH2 Camo Desert Storm SFH2 Camo Frozen Lake SFH2 Camo Hot Lava SFH2 Camo Digital SFH2 Camo Sting
SFH2 Camo Jungle SFH2 Camo Deep Blue SFH2 Camo Blood Stained SFH2 Camo GlobeX SFH2 Camo Polka-Dot
SFH2 Camo Bandages SFH2 Camo Patriotic SFH2 Camo Pretty in Pink SFH2 Camo Glitch in the System SFH2 Camo Hot Rod


Allows selecting Passive skills and Killstreaks for each soldier. Each different class has its own optional skills (4 killstreaks and 4 passive skills for each class (Not including the "None" "skill" and "killstreak"). Those skills are unlocked by reaching higher levels.


An inventory for the weapons of each class, his armor and Primary weapon attachments. Equipment in a level higher than the player's level cannot be equipped.


Main article: Shop

Includes weapons, Primary weapons' attachments and body armor. This is also where the Slot Machine is found.

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