Speeding Train

The Speeding Train

Speeding Train is a map in Strike Force Heroes. It consists of a moving train and a nuclear missile in the middle of it.


The train in this map was holding the nuclear warhead built by Globex.

This map has several walls that one can take advantage of. Near the walls, there is a health powerup, making it easy to win on this map by camping in the two train carts and grabbing the health powerups whenever they appear. The player can secure him at the front of the train, since AI's cannot reach here (unless if a grenade launcher's grenades or homing missiles shots over here).

Also, falling off the train results in death and your
Dormant Train

The other version of 'Speeding Train.'

body would fall off the train and be carried away as the train is moving, like the Hijack, Hijack (Dawn), the Dropship, the Nuke or the Nuke (Dawn).

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