SFH Stinger

Stinger in-game picture.

Cost: $910
Slot: Primary
Type: Explosive
Soldier: Commando
Extra effects: Fires homing missiles
Damage: 90
Accuracy: 70%
Range: 35 ft
Fire Rate: 2 rps
Ammo: 1x6

Stinger in-game picture.

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The FIM-92 Stinger is a rocket launcher that appears in Strike Force Heroes and Strike Force Heroes 2.


Strike Force HeroesEdit

It is unlocked at Level 14 and costs $910 to purchase. Used as a rocket launcher for the Commando that fires homing missiles. It's biggest drawback, perhaps, is that it has a small ammo size of 1x6. Due to the nature of the rockets, with the right tactics, ammo won't be as much of a problem as, for example, the AWP, which has the same ammo count.

Strike Force Heroes 2Edit

Shoots detecting missiles. Causes a high damage but a short range. By default, it is used as a weapon for the Mercenary class.



The Stinger looks very simple in a combination of a grey scheme, with some dark grey areas and a yellow stripe. A small radar is seen mounted below the weapon.


Again, the weapon holds the radar, but is redesigned as a big and boxy radar that locks onto any target. The rear is now small, compared to the previous version.



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