This page lists the versions of Strike Force Heroes 2.



  • The game was released.


General Changes
  • The list was added.
  • Rendering takes longer, but it should be able to run better on slow computers.
Bug Fixes
  • Players are now able to crawl both ways through the tank in the Convoy map.
  • Players can no longer get pushed through the map on the right side of the Lab map.
  • Changing soldiers will now use the proper Camo + Appearance for them in the Campaign.
  • The Slot Machine no longer treats the Attachments as "poop" items.
  • "Loading Save" is now displayed while the save file is being loaded on Armor Games.
  • Saving modified to increase server/save performance & stability on Armor Games.
Balance Changes
  • Players can no longer get unlimited streaks in the "Hackers" challenge.
  • Enemies no longer have secondary weapons in the "Pacifism" challenge.
  • Players now have 2x health in the "Pacifism" challenge.
  • The Campaign level "Revisiting" was turned into a Domination match, from a Team Deathmatch.
  • Amount of flags required to win in the campaign level "Sabotage" increased to 5.
  • The skills "Adrenaline" & Full Auto had their fire rates reduced, as well as modified slightly.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with particles erroring (created from v1.5 render change).
  • The enemy AI in the Factory map was drastically increased; Will no longer get stuck and less likely to suicide.


  • 3 more secret skins were added in the game from 2.
  • The Dooty Launcher was added.
General Changes:
  • The Shop won't have higher level items as often.
Bug Fixes
  • The "Take out the Trash" medal now properly displays progress.
  • Some progress amounts for medals adjusted.
  • The medals now display the proper mods unlocked from the secret ones.
  • Players can no longer equip Armor or Attachments higher level than them.
  • Killstreaks can now be used multiple times per life again.
  • The Fast Hands skill now also affects the Jackhammer.
  • Perfect Melee weapons now have proper prefixes.
  • The Throwing Knives can no longer be reloaded
  • The Corrosive Grenade Launcher Rounds attachment now properly starts at 8%, instead of 80%.
Balance Changes
  • The Superalloy Vest Armor reduced to +30% hp (from 40%).
  • The Repair Bots skill reduced to 4x regeneration (from 5x).
  • The Engineer's Killstreaks last about 20% longer.
  • The Mercenary's Machine Guns given +10% damage.
  • The Mercenary's Rocket Launchers given +5% damage.
  • The Mercenary's Skills modified with new abilities, or better stats.
  • The Mercenary's Killstreaks last 45% longer.
  • The Mercenary's rockets fire 30% faster during Death Wizard.
  • The damage boost from the Battle Scan killstreak increased to 15% (from 10%).
  • The Juggernaut's killstreaks now also reduce the damage you take by 10-30%.
  • Players get x1.5 health while playing the "Defection" challenge.
  • The Sheep Cannon deals less damage, but now has 3 shots per clip.


Bug Fixes
  • Online saves fixed for new users on Armor Games.
  • The user's icon on Armor Games now always properly fits box.


Bug Fixes
  • Bots with no killstreak will no longer spam "None".
  • Combat Drones no longer erase your current streak when they expire.


  • Quests should work even if using a local save.
  • Hopefully fixed the online saving issues.
Challenges and Maps
  • Stopped "TURRET DEPLOYED" speech from being spammed in the "Fortress War" challenge.
  • Lowering the score limit on the "Night of the Ninja" challenge to 15 (from 25).
  • Fixing the AI on the "Going Solo" challenge. (They should constantly use their killstreaks, but they never do)
  • Lowered the difficulty on ALL Factory Challenge maps.
    (AI on the Factory was improved, Factory matches were indirectly made harder as a result)
    • Players now get 10x health while playing the "Forum Defender" challenge (up from 7x).
    • 1 ally will now stay on your team in "Defection".
  • Going in the water in the Mansion map will now remove the Fire and Acid effects, and will also prolong Electric and Frozen effects.
Soldiers and Weapons
  • The "Anger Management" medal now works properly
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed MANY spelling errors.
  • Doubled the chance of getting Super Rare weapons in the Slot Machine.
  • Fixed Skills/Killstreaks/Armor toggles in custom game not working
  • Melee weapons now display as "Melee" in their descriptions.
  • Throwing weapons now display as "Throwing" in their descriptions.
  • Few extra names added as bots.