Super Soldier 1

The Super Soldier is a character in Strike Force Heroes. You control the super soldier during Challenge 6: Norris, Chuck.


The Super Soldier takes on the appearance of the Commando, despite being completely different. He uses the Butter Knife, and has a health total of 700 with the Adrenaline skill. However, he is only available in the "Norris, Chuck" level. This is a parody of a Chuck Norris joke,

"Chuck Norris once killed 25 people using only a butter knife."

The description fits, since the only weapon you have in the level is a butter knife, and you must kill 25 people to finish the level.

Even though you can use the look that the Super Soldier has normally, the look and the name together may be a reference to the game Age of War, as the Super Soldier in it resembles this one, and they have the same name.


  • The Super Soldier has the highest health in the game, 700 HP. This means he can survive a blow from the Golden Gun or Butter Knife.