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Shotgun LoadoutEdit

Omar Tank 1

The Omar, a Shotgun.

The shotgun tank uses shotguns, shotguns deal heavy damage, but they have poor range and accuracy, with Judgement being an exception. Shotguns fire multiple bullets per shot, so if a shotgun is fired at close range at an enemy's face, all of the shots that hit the enemy's face will be headshots, dealing massive damage. The shotgun tank should be cautious as who to attack, as most shotguns are only effective at close range, the tank can become overwhelmed as other classes lack this restriction.

SPAS 12 + Socom + Iron Will + RicochetEdit

This loadout is good at close range. You can close in on enemies with your primary weapon, and use the Socom when a target is out of range. Iron will can help you in close-quarter encounters, and Ricochet makes you nearly invincible, so you can make an escape or successful ambush.


The Judgement is different from the other shotguns as it has 50% accuracy and increased range, the tactic is similar. It is effective at taking out other tanks due to being able to damage shotgun tanks before they can get close.

Siegius Tank Block 2

The Siegius, a Shield.

Shield LoadoutEdit

Shields are used with the secondary weapons.With an exception of blast ,buckler and meat all other shields reduce accuracy dramatically, so it is recommended that you don't equip a machine pistol, because of the very low range and accuracy.SMGs are the best recommended to use with the shield. Their ammunition, as well as the accuracy and fire rate make them a good choice.while having many chances to hit an opponent. As far as pistols are concerned, they have on the one hand the best accuracy from the secondary weapons, but on the other hand, their low fire rate of 4 and their low ammo, especially the Desert Eagle with an ammo of 7 make them a worse choice than the SMGs, but a better choice than the Machine pistols.