Traits are a new feature in Strike Force Heroes 3. Each hero automatically has three traits equipped on them that cannot be removed: A Perk, Flaw, and Killstreak.

Each hero can also pick one of two additional traits as they level up, with the first set unlocking at 5, then at 10, and lastly at 15. They can be changed at any time.

Perk Edit

There are 4 types of perks: Offensive, Defensive and Utility and Trait (being a specific kind of perk rather than the general idea of Traits that this article explains). Each type is color-coded to help distinguish.

See Mods for another list of stat-affecting items.

Name Effect Type
Adrenaline Fatal attacks will reduce you to 1 health instead. Defensive
Aim Assist Weapon accuracy increased by 50%. Trait
Battle Hardened Take -7% damage from all sources. Defensive
Bomb Squad Take -15% damage from explosives. Defensive
Burn Resistant Take -25% damage from fire/poison. Defensive
Brain Magnet 10% chance for any shot to count as a headshot. Trait
Chameleon Stealthed while not firing or near enemies. Trait
Charismatic Killstreaks are earned 20% quicker. Utility
Confidence +10% damage dealt and received. Offensive
Crouch Master Accuracy is increased more when crouching. Offensive
Deflective Armor 8% chance to deflect enemy bullets (you still take damage). Trait
Energized Gets tired 30% slower after battles. Utility
Energy Ammo Can't pick up ammo, but ammo slowly replenishes. Trait
Explosive Temper Gain 25% rate of fire while under 40% hp. Trait
Extreme Focus The first shot after 1.5 seconds of not firing will do 30% more damage. Offensive
Guidance System Killstreak turrets shoot 25% faster. Trait
Gun Play Killing an enemy instantly reloads your other weapon. Trait
Hard Headed -15% headshot damage. Defensive
Healthy Always slightly healing over time. Defensive
Heavy Deployment Killstreak turrets have +50% health and duration. Trait
Inspire Increases nearby allies' critical chance by 10. Trait
Iron Grip Accuracy is not reduced by firing.. Offensive
Iron Will Take less damage, up to 20% when your health is low. Defensive
Kill Stealer Do +10% damage to enemies not targeting you. Offensive
Liquid Coating Higher chance to cause status effects. (fire/poison/etc) Trait
Long Lasting +20% killstreak duration. Utility
Loving Spirit Nearby dead allies respawn 3x quicker.. Trait
Lucky 5% chance to completely ignore damage. Defensive
Matrix Dodge 7% chance to dodge any projectile attack. Trait
Muscle Memory Killstreaks aren't lost on death, but are earned 50% slower. Utility
Pickpocket +15% gold per kill. Utility
Pride -40% self damage. Defensive
Quick Initiative Respawn 2 seconds faster. Utility
Quick Learner +10% EXP Gain on kill. Utility
Rage Increased damage, up to 10% when health is low. Offensive
Repair Bots When injured, heal 3x faster. Defensive
Resistant Highest resistance to status effects. (fire/poison/etc). Defensive
Resourceful Health/Ammo pick-ups give 40% more of their respective quantity. Utility
Scavenger Kills give 10% of ammo supply back. Utility
Silent Enemies won't spot you until you are closer. Utility
Spotter You attacks will tag enemies, attracting your allies to target them. Utility
Steady Aim Accuracy is not reduced by moving and jumping.


Status Proof Status effect expire 2x quicker. Trait
Vital Bomb Explode on death, damaging enemies. Trait

Flaws Edit

Being human, no heroes are perfect. Each comes with a Flaw that detriments performance, but some can be countered with appropriate equipment. They are no type variations between flaws.

Name Effect
Butterfingers 7% chance that gun might jam when reloading.
Cut Short Killstreaks duration are 20% shorter.
Disliked Killstreaks are earned 20% slower.
Embarrassed Take +25% damage from your own attacks.
Fair Skin Take +25% damage from fire/acid.
Fatgiued Gets tired 20% quicker after battle.
Fragile Take +15% damage from explosives.
Loud Enemies can spot you from further away.
Modest -15% Gold per kill
Nervous Accuracy is reduced more when moving or jumping.
New Recruit Take +7% damage from all sources.
Slow Initiative Takes 2 seconds longer to respawn.
Soft Head Take +15% damage from headshots.
Squanderer Health/Ammo pickups give -30% health/ammo.
Susceptibility More easily affected by status effects. (fire/poison/etc)
Unlucky 5% chance a shot on you will be a critical hit.
Unhealthy Don't auto-regen health when low.