Strike Force Heroes 3 introduces a special group of heroes called Unique Heroes.

Overview Edit

There is one unique hero for each class. Each of these 9 heroes have their own special set of skills and killstreaks, which are set and not randomly generated like normal heroes. Some of the unique heroes return from an appearance in SFH 2.

How to obtain Edit

Unique heroes are unlocked by completing side missions along the way except for the Knight which can be unlocked by clicking the New Knight class thing at the bottom of your start screen once you complete level 3. The first unique hero you can get is Mayday and the last is the Evelynn. Unique Heroes from missions can only be rewarded if you play on the Insane difficulty. After you complete the mission, you can go to the soldier menu and recruit them manually.

List of Unique Heroes Edit

1. Medic - Mayday Skills= Healing Aura,Soft Head and Killstreak Rapid regen. (Assault Rifles and Machine Guns)

2. Gunslinger - Calamity Skills= Gun Play, Loud and Killstreak RoF Boost (Duals and Sniper)

3. Ninja - Evelynn Skills= Chameleon ,Nervous and Killstreak Deadly Shuriken (Shotguns and Duals)

4. Elite - Fatale Skills= Energy Ammo, Squanderer and Killstreak Death Ray (Experimentals and Elementals)

5. Knight - Rusty Skills= Energized, Unlucky and Killstreak "I'm the Juggernaut" (Melee)

6. Mercenary [1]- Dex Skills= Explosive Temper, Disliked and Killstreak Ghost Weapon (Machine Guns and Explosives)

7. Engineer [2] - Nathan Skills= Heavy Deployment, Susceptibility and Killstreak Rocket Sentry (Explosives and Rifles)

8. Sniper [3] - Jyn Skills= Brain Magnet, Loud and Killstreak Wall Hack (Experimental and Snipers)

9. Juggernaut [4] - Tower Skills= Reflective Armor, Fatigued and Killstreak Flame Armor (Shotguns and Elementals)

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