XMG in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Machine Gun
Soldier: Medic, Mercenary
Extra effects: Longest Range, No Reloads
Impact: 7
Fire Rate: 27
Accuracy: 40
Ammo: 70

Somehow crossing universes, the XMG in single form is available for the Strike Force Heroes team.

While not having the best accuracy, the XMG can lay down fire on enemies from surprisingly far. Even so, one must still fire in bursts to help take advantage of this ranged potential.

The custom version has a chance to electrocute enemies.



The Mobile Turret

Trivia Edit

  • The XMGs were a machine gun choice in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It was duel-wielded, and could transform the player into a stationary turret by extending the barrels, improving accuracy. This installment takes heavy influence on the weapon in both name and performance.